Let’s make it a New Year to…

Now that 2012 is a few days old, here are a few thoughts about what I’d like to see more and less of this year.

Here’s my wish list:

  • More firework displays like the way London saw in the New Year! It might have burned up a few pounds, but the ‘oooh and aaaah’ factor was pretty high – all in all, it was a very uplifting thing to behold.
  • It would be good to witness a bit more patience, understanding and a willingness to see things from other perspectives.
  • ‘Celebrities’ such as Jedward to realise it might be worth developing a real talent and working at it, rather than existing on self promotion.
  • A return to hand-crafted and assembled wooden toys. Old hat, maybe, but kids still like them in my experience, and it means less batteries. The festive season is most definitely a bonanza for makers of double and triple A energy sources, to name but two varieties.
  • The creeping Americanisms and contractions that are now common in our everyday speech. I can but wish…
  • Following on from the batteries mini rant, how about less packaging in general? Who really needs it?
  • The Olympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to be a success – even if these particular events are not your bag, I think we need as many occasions as possible in 2012 that promote a sense of community and bring people together. And not just because of that extra Bank Holiday in June!

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