Hidden gems on our doorsteps

It’s amazing what you can find just hundreds of yards from your own home. Who would have thought, for instance, that within a mile or so of where I live, reside the makers of home-made fudge, another small business making fruit smoothies, a steakhouse that can also kit you out with a designer dress, and, wait for it, a B&B that doubles as an art studio!

Diverse, or what? And that’s just in West Bridgford, Nottingham. The small enterprises in your area may be somewhat different – but you can be sure that, if you look hard enough, there are bound to be some interesting and creative businesses on your doorstep. Of course, you may not have to look hard at all – it might be right next door or even in your own home!

In these days of ‘identikit’ high streets across Britain, it’s very refreshing to see that this entrepreneurial spirit still flourishes.

Here’s some examples of what’s local (and good) near me business-wise: http://snipurl.com/21jz78x

I’ll be returning to this subject soon, and featuring more examples, but in the meantime, keep supporting these local businesses.



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