What a difference a year makes!

We’re still early in 2012, of course, but already a few reasons are emerging why this year will be radically different to 2011 (won’t it?):

1. January weather. It’s been (mostly) the same mild, drizzly weather that the darker months usually bring in the UK, compared to the big freeze of early 2011. Hang on, all that might be about to change…

2. Economics. If you knew nothing of the Eurozone and its currency crisis 12 months ago, at the very least you are a little more aware of the issue now. Goes without saying, let’s hope it is all sorted as soon as possible.

3. Music. I moaned about this a few months back, but so far, I have heard no news of some of my favourite acts dying/losing interest/splitting up. And the Stone Roses have reformed to play in Manchester this summer…

4. News. It’s not exactly been quiet on the news agenda so far, but will 2012 top 2011 as ‘the year you couldn’t satirise?’ What with the constant stream of riots, economic meltdown, collapsing media giants, passing of famous figures (Steve Jobs and Amy Winehouse among the biggest names) last year. What will the rest of 2012 hold?

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