An enterprising recipe

Chuffed to have been involved in the launch of a new business just a stone’s throw from my doorstep. I’ve researched and written website copy for the launch of Le pain a la main, a new artisan bakery producing a rather scrumptious range of artisan breads and patisseries from scratch.

At the moment, it’s a small venture, baking dozens of loaves every day to traditional recipes. But what household name didn’t start off small – it just takes the guts to do it, and a business plan, of course.

However, the customers are already queuing up, at the local monthly Melton Road Market as well as trade suppliers in the form of some of the local retailers.

Le pain has filled a gap in the market, one that I’m a little surprised existed given the largely middle class nature of the suburb I live in. It’s meeting the demand for a ‘make-it-every-day-from-scratch-with-a-bit-of- love-in-every-loaf’ type of bakery in the heart of the community, rather than a shop that buys its bread in from a few miles away.

It’s very much in keeping with the aims of the local ‘shop locally, support local businesses’ campaign, is some good news in a fairly gloomy economy (if you ignore some positive signals from the motor industry) and gets the pounds flowing through the local economy. All very good to see, let’s have more of it please, and not just to keep us writers busy!






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