Think locally…act locally

Following the first Totally Locally networking event in West Bridgford this summer, I’m promoting my copy-writing and web content services to local businesses.

Below is the profile of my business which will shortly appear on the Totally Locally West Bridgford Facebook pages, but you can read it here first!

Naturally, I’m still very happy to take briefs from clients outside my local area, simply email me to discuss your needs.

So, here’s that locally focused profile:

Professional writer Andrew Bennett has always had a way with words – they come to him easily, whatever the subject matter!

Whether it’s writing about property lettings, artisan-made bread or even innovative fold away homes for chickens; rabbits or guinea pigs, his talents have brought these West Bridgford businesses to life.

Andrew, who has lived in West Bridgford for nearly a decade and is a member of the local Skills Exchange, aims to put passion behind his pen strokes and unearth the key messages for your business – making it stand out through creating lively web or social media content, or writing for print purposes.

As well as wordsmithing for local businesses, including for the Totally Locally website ‘Hidden Gems’ section, Andrew, proprietor of Bennett Words, has previously worked with UK and multinational sales and marketing organisations; writing for their customers, staff and those who take a close outside interest.

Meanwhile, working as a public relations consultant for several private, public and voluntary sector organisations has drawn on his writing ability to produce copy that makes the media take notice!

Andrew said: “I’m a Totally Locally fan and already work closely with local businesses including photographer Paul Carroll and web developer Simon Bramley, the latter to create bespoke digital content for clients. I’m looking forward to getting to know more businesses on my doorstep. There are some tremendous local firms providing great goods and services.”


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