Will we come to love traffic wardens?

For years, they’ve been as popular as, well, estate agents and journalists. But now, it seems that the public may be changing their mind about traffic wardens, at least in one town (seeĀ http://tinyurl.com/65uf4oa). Just goes to prove that, sometimes, you never miss things until they are taken away!


Brave new world

So, the brave new world of blogging then.

Whereas once aspiring scribes had to grab pen and ink, or hack away at a typewriter for hours, now making your voice known couldn’t be simpler – or quicker.

It’s interesting to speculate where the world would be without the likes of Twitter, Facebook, or indeed WordPress, given the benefits they bring.

We can be fairly certain we will see many more such developments in the world of social networking, as innovation allows us to live more of our lives virtually and expand our social networking via the wonder of the web. If we want to.

Then again, there will always be those who refuse to cross the digital divide and will stay tied to their typewriters!